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Old Time Radio
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(45 Episodes #03 1951) "MA PERKINS" (aka: "OXIDOL'S OWN MA PERKINS") was a daily 15 Minute Soap Opera (NBC & CBS), broadcast from 1933-1960. Page #03 of 3 pgs Ma Perkins 1 Misc 12 eps Ma Perkins 2 1950 52 eps Ma Perkins 3 1951 45 eps OTR * def gp ddh
Topics: Old Time Radio, OTR Soap Opera, OTR Continuing Drama, *PROD: Frank & Anne Hummert, OTRadio...
Old Time Radio
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(04 Episodes) "Rosemary," a 15 minute, Monday thru Friday Soap Opera was broadcast from 1945 thru 1955; first on NBC then on KNX-CBS Radio. Story of Rosemary (Dawson) Roberts and the return home of her amnesiac War Veteran husband, Bill Roberts. Bill & Rosemary live in a tiny Cape-Cod cottage, just outside of the small village of Springdale. Other characters are Rosemary's 15 year old sister, Patty and their mother. * Writer: Elaine Carrington, author of "Pepper Young's...
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Topics: Old Time Radio, OTR Soap Opera, OTR Continuing Drama, OTR Wartime, *AUTH: Elaine Carrington,...
Old Time Radio
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(25 Episodes) HILARIOUS! "Joyce Jordan M.D." During the late 1940s, OTRs "Joyce Jordan M.D." was a continuing serial, broadcast for 15 minutes daily, Monday thru Friday, on the NBC Radio Network. "Can a woman doctor be a woman and a doctor at the same time?" That is a 'Million Dollar Question,' and the one "Joyce Jordan M.D.," wants answered. This is not your every-day Doctor. This medical doctor daydreams constantly throughout each and every work day. We...
Topics: Old Time Radio, OTR Soap Opera, OTR Continuing Drama, OTRadio NBC
Old Time Radio
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(17 Episodes) “This is Nora Drake,” a 15 minute, 11:00am weekdays, NBC & CBS soap opera, was broadcast from Oct. 27, 1947 thru Jan. 02, 1959. 1947 thru 1949, Nora aired on NBC; 1948 thru 1949 it was concurrent on CBS; after 1949, ‘Nora’ aired at 2:30pm weekdays, CBS only. * Resident of a mid-sized American town, Nora Drake was a nurse - and later, departmental supervisor on staff at ‘Page Memorial Hospital.’ She was a disciplined, hardworking, community-work oriented,...
Topics: Old Time Radio, OTR Soap Opera, OTRadio NBC, OTRadio CBS